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Kiteboarding Articles

Kiteboarding articles from 2010
Kiteboards Cabarete: Susi's father secret spot
Waterproof digital camera reviews Go Pro camera
Jeremie Tronet heading Cape Verde

Kiteboarding articles from 2009
Cabarete: Dominican Republic Kiteboarding Accommodation
Winter kiting days in the Holy Land
Kite Surfing Bahamas Trip 2009
Beatrice from Geneva, Switzerland
Jeremie Tronet went to Brazil for this new Year
Andrei share with TPK his ride to the North: Kincardine Ontario Canada
Kitesurfing Girl, Graciela Gonzalez, Florida
Kitesurfing Girl, Afrodite Balaska by Afrodite (Athens)
Amateur Kiteboarding Tournament Xpu Ha, México
Cape Hatteras Kitesurfing Trip with Judd
Jeremie Tronet 3 New Videos The 2009 Sponsor Video Series
TULUM SPORTS FESTIVAL DEC 5 & 6 2009 in Mexico
Just met her during my last trip to Cape Hatteras, a complete kite girl
Jeremie Tronet in Brazil with Susi Mai and Linn Svendsen
Agne from Lithuania, just 20 years and looking for more kite
Kiting The Red Sea In The Sinai Desert, by Efrat Saar
Fabienne Dortoli from Brittany, France
Sexy, great rider and has a big dream for the future... Welcome Daria
Oxbow World Longboard Tour Champion 2009
Caribbean Kite Surfing St Martin: Riding the Galion
Go Kiteboarding -St. Kilda's West Beach - Melbourne
World kitesurf and windsurf guide and Dutch kitesurf magazine
Dream Big Kiteschool - Worthing, Sandwich, England
Kitesurfing Girls event in Israel - Sun, beach, music and lots of Bikini
Kitesurfing Girl Juliana Shelef Brazil
An Israeli kitesurfing rider, photographer and adventurist, Efrat Saar
She is the best rider in Europe and since a long time, a legen ;-)
Chris from Liverpool, right now In Florida gave us an interview
Linn from Norway and girl friend of Jeremie Tronet gave us an interview
Jeremie Tronet lunch 3 new videos, sweet...
Jeremie Tronet went to Hurghada in Egypt
Tal went to Holy Land, her Home for Kiting and meet again Hagit
Thierry tried and enjoyed his new Cabrinha Nomad IDS 13
Kite World Wide Kite Center - Mombasa
Harold Quinquis launch Riders Match Online
Jeremie Tronet in Ilha Do Guajiru
Ljana Vimont from Cabarete, Kitesurfing girl
Emilie Marc - Chapter 6 - How kitesurfing dreams come true
Jeremie Tronet surfing Mascaret in France
Jeremie Tronet in Tarifa Spain
The rider Claire Lutz shares in an interesting interview
Kiteboarding in Israel - The big Kiteaway Challenge event 2009
Kitesurfing Girl Christine Montevideo
PKRA Kiteboarding World Cup Grand Slam 2009 - day 2
PKRA Kiteboarding World Cup Grand Slam 2009 - day 3
PKRA Kiteboarding World Cup Grand Slam 2009 - day 4
Cabrinha Crossbow 4 IDS 2010 Kitesurfing kite introduction

Cabrinha Nomad IDS 2010 Kitesurfing kite introduction

Jeremie Tronet in Spain
Interview with Cameron Dietrick and Exclusive: the first official photo of the new Cabrinha Nomad & Calliber
Laila Puehringer from Vienna (Austria)
Mobe 7 by Jeremie Tronet
My first kite's photo inside Kite Boarder magazine
10 days in Paradise, Thierry went back to Anguilla, a real Kite Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing
Skyla de Vries from South Africa
Audrey Meyer from Cabarete
Andre Philip "Dre", other legend of Cabrinha Riders gave to TPK an exclusive interview...
Magdalena from Germany
Women Kiteboarding Event, by Laurel Eastman in Cabarete
Ryan Toaspern Kitesurfing Maui
Tal in Antigua on Les Belles Yacht Trip
Jeremie Tronet in Los Roques
Miami Kite Masters in Key Biscayne, Florida
The legend Ben Wilson, Australia in a special interview
French kite style - lady Sou, Bordeaux, France

The Cabrinha pro shares with us her story - Susi Mai, Hawaii
My day with Pete Cabrinha, the Man and The Legend
Victor Hays, l'Almanarre , France
Kitesurfer Alberto Rondina, Italy
Bianca Grunwald from England
Cabrinha Race Series
Youri Zoon, Holland photos and interview
Pismo Beach KiteXPO 2009 is going to bigger than ever so mark your calendar...
Florida Kiteboard Masters - results and facts
Water Sport Wear NPX Shop Online. Best quality, best prices.
Islamorada Invitational Kiteboarding Competition 09 Updates
Arcachon (France- Kitesurf Long Distance in French ;-)

Islamorada Invitational Kiteboarding Competition 2009 will take a place on a sunny island in Florida Keys. Just add miles of shallow, calm water, great
Cabrinha and NPX demo in Florida with Damien LeRoy
She competed in Alpine skiing, Sailing, riding skateboard, surfing, windsurfing and of course, kiting. Erika the water girl
Race from Jupiter FL to Ft. Lauderdale with XRated Kiteboarding at March 4th - 26th April,09.
Cabarete Kiteboarding Competition, February 19-21, 2009
Collegiate Kiteboarding Association Stop #5, Feb 14-15, 2009
A special interview with Laurel Eastman, the mind and creator of the Cabarete L.E Kite school
The 6th Annual Jupiter Kiteboarding Invasion took place in Jupiter beach, at Florida.
An interview with the rider Mallory De la Villemarqué
The next kitesurfing generation...Just sixteen and already a great rider. Matt tells.
She is a water chick, just opened her own school and sharing it all with us...Welcome Ainhoa
The Resolution Downwind Dash Langebaan Beach
She is beautiful, lives and kites at the most beautiful place in the world...Welcome Bruna
Wind statistis in Saint Martin
kiteaway's owner, Amit Inbar, is still looking for the best kite spot in the world
Clarissa Hempel, a Cabrinha girl, tells us why we should keep on smiling
Pete Cabrinha, Susi Mai & Andre Philip are gathering with TPK, BVI on the Le Belles Yacht
Just 18 and already 6 achievements... A special interview with Jalou Langeree
Jeremie Tronet on kitespain Magazine Cover
The owner and creator of Amit Inbar, shares his story with TPK

Kiteboarding articles from 2008
Riding only in pink - Johara Freedom Sykes-Davies
Loops ,jumps, raileys and spins are her favorite. Jemma shares
Hawaïan Cabrinha Pro Jesse Richman is a World Champ. Personal interview
8 times PKRA champion and Spain champion Windsurf and kitesurf 2004 - Angela shares
PKRA meets IKA in January on December 23rd, 2008
Big Wave Rider Grant Baker (AKA Twiggy) Joins Cabrinha
Part of NPX team and Cabrinha pro rider, Jon Modica, in an interview & photos to TPK
Anthony Hadliegh Cairns Tropical North Eastern Australia
Jeremie Tronet Rocks inlha do Guajiru, Brazil
The Jupiter Kiteboarding Invasion @ Jan 30th - Feb 1st , 2009
Collegiate Kiteboarding Association Tour stop #4, January 10-11th
Romina Krueper, kitesurfing girl from Germany in a personal interview
Tolga Akgor, Kitesurfer and Airwash school manager shares his passion
The most Frequent questions asked about Kitesurfing
Riders-Contest represents an online videos contest in France
Cape Dash Big Bay Big Air Event : 13 - 14 December 2008
Al Nicoll, water sports photographer shares his passions with TPK
She is kitesurfing, loves Yoga and stand up paddling, but that's not all....Christine is sharing
Miami IKO Center - We took part of the real challenge
Kitesurfing and Surfing photos from Highland Beach spot. Florida
Pro kiter Jeremie Tronet introducing his new website
TPK Visits "Adventure Sports" Center in Miami
Cabrinha Crossbow IDS - new Speed Recod
Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing girl: Rosy's kite surfing story
Jeremie kite story from Brazil
TPK tests the new Cabrinha CrossBow IDS
Harold Quinquis (Wax Up) came back from Indonesia. New Video
Kiteboarding story of Jeremie at Brazil
Aaron Hadlow. 4 times kite world champion in a special interview
Kiteboarding in Canada, by Jeremie
Bri Chmel. Started recently wakesurf and already a champion
Laird Hamilton - the man and the legend
Jeremie Tronet slow motion video in Grenadines
The new CrossBow & Switchblade 04, 2009 models. Cabrinha Shop and introduction video
Jeremie Tronet Kites in Norway
The New IDS System....What Is It All About??
Kiting In Brazil - Mega Downwinders & Kite Safaris in CEARÁ, Brazil
Jeremie's story about his Kite trip in Europe
Cabrinha Sprint Technology
Saint Martin Kiting day
Bow Kite Advantages
Swims with sharks at Union Island. Jeremie's story
Hagit Oz, an Israeli world champion. Special Interview
Jeremie Tronet on his Caribbean adventure
Water sport "party" on the water, at Le Galion, Saint Martin Island
Barbados Kite Trip - from Jeremie Tronet
Cabrinha Technology Durability
New riders and new photos from Anguilla Island
Another Tronet adventure at the Caribbean and South America

Kiteboarding articles from 2007
Kiting at Savannah photos, Anguilla Island
Stormy waves on Savannah beach, Anguilla Island
Elliot's kite experience in Anguilla
Cabrinha arc progression
Great kiting day on Cove Bay beach in Anguilla Island
Harold Quinquis - Waterman in Soul
Tropical Paradise Cabrinha Charts
Hurricane Dean - Kiting During the Strongest Tropical Cyclone
David Hastilow, Cabrinha team, visits St Martin & Anguilla Islands
Stephanie & Xavier discovered the meaning Tropical Paradise
July 07 photos collection
Girls kiting photos day in Saint Martin, Le Galion beach
Kitesurfing in Israel, Holy Land
Kiting in Savannah photos, Anguilla Island
Pro kiter Harold Quinquis on a stunning shooting session at Sandy Island
New photos from the kiting spots of Anguilla - Savannah Bay
January photos from Savannah beach in Anguilla Island

Kiteboarding articles from 2006
Cabrinha Caribbean Tour. Visit of the team at the Caribbean Islands
Kite turnings Basics
Kite and Surf Trip in Lacanau, France
Kitesurfing Grenadines. Welcome to St Vincent & St Grenadines
3 weeks discovery of Ceara (North East Brazil) - kite wild and windy spots
St Martin Kiteboarding Photoshooting day
Indian Ocean, Harold Quinquis's Trip in Maurice
Quiksilver Windsurfing Kitesurfing, Challenge introduction
Quiksilver Windsurfing Kitesurfing, Challenge
The horse Riding in France, by Harold Quinquis
Kite style in Egypt. Kitesurfing in Pharaon's Paradise
A hidden Paradise. Ferry Boat Inn, Anguilla
Kite Piloting basics. How to launch, land and pilot the kite
Elisa Castillo Theron, Cumaná, Sucre’s State of Venezuela
Anguilla Beaches Photos. Powdery white beaches, aqua blue sea. Kitesurfing in Paradise.

Kiteboarding articles from 2005
Professional photographer Pierre Carreau
Kiteboarding photos St Barths Island
Anguilla Kite beaches description
Shoulders Pain Tips
Kitesurfing Safety Guidelines
Kiting Photos from Le Gallion, Saint Martin
Kitesurfing Windsurfing Challenge in Saint Martin
Julian Sudrat
Kite Jump Technique

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Travel destinations

Tropical Paradise kitesurfing trip

Luanda Paia de Ilha
Cacuaco, Praia do Santiago

Anguilla Island

Cove Bay
Ferry Boat Inn beach
Long Bay
Meads Bay
Savannah Bay
Sandy Island

Cape Flattery


Cumbuco beach
Lagoinha spot


Etang de Leucate
Lacanau, Bordeaux
La Baule


Xpu Ha Playa Del Carmen

Bulabog beach

Viana do Castelo

Saint Barths Island
Anse des Cay

Saint Martin Island
Le Galion beach
Orient Beach


Side Beach

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girls Kitesurfing Videos
Riders Contest kitesurfing Videos

Andre Phillip Kitesurfing Videos
Susi Mai Kitesurfing Videos
Kitesurfing Video Jeremie Tronet
Harold Quinquis videos

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Kiteboarding Terms
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Emilie Marx's kitesurfing journey
Jeremie Tronet's kitesurfing journey

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Powerdrive 2N1
Powerdrive 121

Kite Technologies
IDS - Intelligent Depower System
Technology Durability
Dynamic arc progression
Bow Kite Advantages

Cabrinha Boards
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Cabrinha Caliber Board - New
Cabrinha Custom Board - New
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Cabrinha Seat Harness
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