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Cabrinha FAQ

Cabrinha FAQ:


* Pulley modification for 2008 XBOW3 and Contra 3?
* What is the difference between Crossbow 2006 and Crossbow 2007
* I'm constantly snapping my bridle lines that run through the pulleys on my kite. Is there a stronger line or better pulley you can recommend?
* Cabrinha kite valve

* Where can I get replacement parts for my older (model kite or board)
* Why are my binding inserts causing the bottom of my board to dimple?
* Flying line maintenece
* Control bar upgrade Control Systems

* Warranty


Cabrinha FAQ: Pulley modification for 2008 XBOW3 and Contra 3?
I've heard that there is a modification that can be made to my 2008 Cabrinha XBOW3 and Contra 3 that make my kites turn faster. Is this true? If there is, can you please send me some directions on how to do it?

Solution: There is a simple modification which can be made to your existing quiver of 2008 Cabrinha Xbows and Contras. The instructions are listed below. Please note that this is a simple change to your kites overall handling. Depower, windrange and safety are all not affected by doing this. It will increase turning speed and lessen bar pressure. We have riders that are preferring the kites in "stock" mode. So just keep these instuctions handy in case you ever want to reverse it.

Cabrinha FAQ: What is the difference between Crossbow 2006 and Crossbow 2007

Solution: There are several differences between the '06 and '07 model Crossbows. Here are the main ones that you'd most likely notice upon flying the two kites. The new 2007 Xbow 2 is equipped with our SPRINT single point inflation system which makes rigging and derigging so simple, you'll never want to blow up an old kite without it again. The new version also features our upgraded control system with completely new reduced diameter, totally round, ultra soft grip. It's also equipped with the new override safety system with adjustable tension ring which makes the release load completely adjustable based on rider preference. The kite itself feels smoother though the air and more stable, thanks in part to a redesigned bridle configuration. This means the kite is less prone to inversion and also provides lighter bar pressure at the same time.

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Cabrinha FAQ: I'm constantly snapping my bridle lines that run through the pulleys on my kite. Is there a stronger line or better pulley you can recommend?

Solution: Cabrinha kites feature the highest quality Ronstan pulleys available for our kites. Countless hours have been spent researching and testing these pulleys with very positive results. With proper care, the pulleys on a new Cabrinha kite should last the life of the kite (and possibly even beyond!) Proper care includes checking them each and every time before a session to make sure they are completely clear of any sand or debris. The pulley should spin freely and easily. It should also be totally smooth (meaning it has no nicks in the wheel or body. Bridle lines should glide effortlessly through each pulley and you should notice that the wheel spins freely as the line glides across it. If the lines slide through, but the wheel isn't spinning, then something is jamming it. Ignoring this situation is the primary reason bridle lines snap and pulleys fail. Should you notice a few grains of sand lodged in the pulley, simply slide the wheel to one side using a finger and blow it clear a few times. This usually does the trick. If you've ignored the pulley for some time and they need further care, it's best to flush them with fresh water until they clear out. Should you need new pulleys or spectra pulley lines, both these items are available through your local Cabrinha dealer as a spare part.

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Cabrinha FAQ: I recently bought my first Cabrinha kite. This is the first kite I've owned that has that screw on inflation valve. Is there anything special that I need to know about this system and how does it different from the other valves out there?

Solution: All of the kites in Cabrinha's line feature the Threaded Airlock Valve on the leading edge bladder of the kite. This is a system we have been using for several years now. It has proven to be extremely reliable, simple to use, and superior to anything else we've tested. There is a rubber flap on the underside that acts as the one way valve when it's screwed into the L.E. and since it threads onto the bladder, there is vitually no way for it to come loose or pop open (yes - even during those hard, tomohawk-style nose dives straight into the drink!)
When inflating the leading edge, first make sure the Airlock valve is completely clean. No sand or debris of any kind should be anywhere on or near the rubber washer. This may affect the valve's ability to seal correctly. Next, simply screw the valve down to a "hand-tight" feel. Since there is no back pressure in the bladder yet, excessive tightening at this point may twist the bladder. This could lead to the dreaded big pop during inflation. You may hear a very small, very slow leak during this stage. That's o.k. Wait until the kite is almost fully inflated, then tighten it. Now you can give it those last few pumps to top it off. Remove the pump hose and screw on the top. Make sure everything is nice and firmly tightened. Viola! You're ready to rock.

Cabrinha FAQ: Where can I get replacement parts for my older (model kite or board)

Solution: While no one keeps and infinite supply of ancient kite parts neatly organized in the back room, your best bet for finding genuine Cabrinha replacement parts is through your local dealer. If a local dealer does not exist in your area, contact the online source through which your original Cabrinha purchase was made. If neither of the above suggestions are a viable option, just shoot a e-mail our way ( and be as specific as possible with what you’re looking for. No guarantees. However, we’ll to do our best to put you in contact with the supplier who may have what you’re looking for.

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Cabrinha FAQ: Why are my binding inserts causing the bottom of my board to dimple?

Solution: What you are seeing is the insert settling slightly and has no effect on strength or performance. This cosmetic dimple is normal for this type of board construction and is not considered a warranty situation. The inserts have been thoroughly tested and have pullout strength of 3000kg.

Cabrinha FAQ: Where can I download a user manual for my (kite, control system)? I can't seem to find it on your website.
Solution: The User Manuals are available for download on our website. Just go to the menu on the left and click on the "download" option, or simply click here - downloads.

Cabrinha FAQ: I noticed my lines are looking pretty thrashed these days. One of my steering lines has a knot at the end and I can't get it out. Is this something I should worry about, or can I ride it out until I upgrade this summer?

Solution: Line wear can be subjective. We've seen a little bit of everything is seems and one thing will always remain. It's better to be safe than sorry (or swimming). Your kite could potentially end up in a tree or worse yet, taking someone out if a line were to snap during your launch. So better to replace it now with a new set and you can always keep the old set as emergency back ups.

In general, you should be checking you lines every single time you go out. This is easily accomplished by spending the extra 30 seconds walking your lines out just a little slower. This allows you to pay more careful attention to any snags, fraying or knots in your lines. If there is a knot in any one of your lines, get it out immediately or replace it. Snags and fraying is just as bad and should be replaced asap! Or risk ruining a potentially great day on the water. Worn out flying lines are know to fail at the worst possible moment. This almost always happens mid kiteloop while you're upside down or while smacking the lip of that glorious 8 footer and whipping the kite back around. Both of these situations can leave you either gasping for breath or swimming back from the outter reef. Neither of these is really any fun. Trust us. You should also try a pay careful attention when winding your lines back up around your bar. If there is an issue with your lines, you can hopefully catch it then. That way, you have time to fix it before your next session.

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Cabrinha FAQ: Can I buy the 2007 Powerdrive 121 bar and put it in my 2006 Switchblade 1 kite? I really like the features of the new ’07 Powerdrive 121 bar.

Solution: The bridle configuration on your 2006 Switchblade 1 is NOT compatible with the 2007 PD121 control system. If you need a new control system you will need to purchase the PD221. The bridal on your kite is set up for a 221 (pulley) bar. Flying that kite on anything else is NOT recommended. Take a close look at the PD 221 (pulley bar). You’ll notice it has the exactly the same features as the PD 121. The only difference being that the 221 has pulleys on the bar.

Cabrinha FAQ: My board snapped and broke in half for no reason after only 1 month. Is this a warranty?

Solution: This seems very unlikely. However, in order to properly determine a warranty issue like this one, you must first go through the dealer who sold you the board. Proof and date of purchase must be established (a.k.a. you got a receipt for that high end piece of fun you ride everyday right?). Your dealer can then take a look at the board as well as snap a few digital pictures for reference and direct you further. Also, please note that a Cabrinha board warranty DOES NOT cover hitting sliders or kickers of any kind. This includes jibbing off of logs, rocks, other boards, parked cars, the outer reef, fences, docks, exposed coral heads and other hard objects in general.

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